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The A-10 Warthog.

The A-10 Warthog (also known as the Thunderbolt II, A-10, or just the Warthog) is a United States Air Force ground support aircraft. It is used for heavy close air/ground support for land forces, and making precision strikes upon enemy positions. They are heavily armored and armed, built with thick armor and equipped with a variety of deadly weapons. Several of these A-10s were seen and used during the Battle of Los Angeles; where they provided close air support for friendly ground troops and making effective strikes at the enemy Blaa forces who were advancing from the coastline.


Battle of Los AngelesEdit

"The Airforce has Warthogs and B-52s on deck. At 1930 Hours they will pound the entire area from Lincoln to the ocean."

During the Battle of Los Angeles, the United States Air Force had A-10 Warthogs, B-52s and other aircraft on deck at the Santa Monica Foward Operating Base where they were launched for making assaults upon the advancing enemy Blaa forces. However, at 1930 Hours a plan was made to make a desisive blow against the oncoming alien menace. It was referred to as the "Bomb Drop", in which the A-10 Warthogs and B-52s would essentially pound all areas from Lincoln Boulevard to the ocean/coastline. However soon later, Blaa air support would arrive, and literally light up the sky. Then later, they would attack the Santa Monica F.O.B, which would cancel the "Bomb Drop" operation. The remaining human military forces in the area would abandon Los Angeles, and relocate to a temporary base in the Mojave Desert to relocate and regroup.


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