Concept art of an an Alien Officer Caster.

The Alien Officer Caste, or Specialized Officer, is the easiest alien caste to differentiate from the rest, identifiably by their slender build and four mechanical legs. They are also the tallest caste with an average height of 9'4". The Officers are specialized in commanding groups of infantry, augmented by an unusually large, well-developed brain and very keen eyesight which has been supplemented with additional electronics. They are most likely the least numerous caste, as they number roughly 2,000,000. Alien Officers have been seen to lead fire-teams of up to four Operations Caste soldiers as well.

The Officer caste have the most substantial amount of cybernetic enhancements. As their legs have been wholly replaced, they are able to move at speeds of up to 40kph/28.4mph with relative ease. Their legs are equipped with thrusters, similar to those on the drones, that allow them to hover rather walk. Their right arm has an implanted weapons system that trades firepower for accuracy, while their left grasping hand has been replaced by a mechanical claw. 


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