Battle of Hong Kong
Location Hong Kong, China
Date 2011
War Invasion of Earth
Outcome  ?
Unknown Alien Species

The Battle of Hong Kong was one of many major battles during the Invasion of Earth by aliens from another world.

Prelude to BattleEdit

After the global meteor shower the aliens started their attack on their targets, this included Hong Kong. Soon the island was under attack, for the first time since World War Two, the first hostile takeover of the Island since the Japanese invasion of December 1941.


Like many of the early human engagements, the battle was likely a defeat for the Chinese and high casualties are likely, given the rapidity of the alien strikes and Hong Kong's high population and limited access to the mainland, it is presumed that most civilians were killed before the Chinese could launch a counter-attack.


While we do not know the result of the battle, or the general situation in China but it is very likely that Hong Kong fell to the aliens, giving them the ability to strike at mainland China. However, the Chinese military may have launched a counter attack or they may have chosen to bombard the island, given the high number of artillery and missile batteries available.