Battle of New York
Location New York, United States
Date 2011
War Invasion of Earth
Outcome  ?
Unknown Alien Species

The Battle of New York is one of many major battles during the Invasion of Earth by aliens from another world. During the battle, the Blaa had gained the upper hand, causing massive destructing and inflicting massive casualties upon the humans in the city.

Prelude to BattleEdit

New Yorks proximity to the coast meant that it fell under alien attack, that much is known. Following the meteor shower it seems New York was taken by surprise and stormed by the aliens.


The battle resulted in heavy casulties for the U.S military and civilian population, the alien casulties are not mentioned. The victory at Los Angeles may have allowed the U.S. to regain the upper hand and drive the aliens out.


The result of the battle is unkown but it may have been affected by the victory at Los Angles.

Though it can be assumed that it resulted in a defeat for the Americans, but plans may be made to re-take it in the coming counter offensive.