"Air Force has got Warthogs and B-52s on deck. At 1930 Hours they will pound the entire area from Lincoln to the ocean."

- Lt. Col J.N. Ritchey, USMC

The Bomb Drop was a tactical, airborne counteroffensive coordinated and initiated by the United States Air Force and the United States Marine Corps during the Battle of Los Angeles to halt the enemy aliens' rapid domination and advancement, as well as to completely and utterly annihilate them. The plan was, at 1930 Hours, the USAF was to deploy A-10 Warthogs and B-52s to pound the entire area from Lincoln Boulevard to the coastline/ocean. In preparation to the Bomb Drop, the USMC was to help evacuate all civilians from Santa Monica, in order to reduce the loss of human life in terms of collateral damage.


Battle of Los AngelesEdit

Formulating a PlanEdit

After the very beginning of the Invasion of Los Angeles, and by the time the humans realized what exactly was happening, they collected themselves, and the U.S Armed Forces that were stationed in the area tried to reorganize. They were succesful, and set up several Defensive Lines in the area and an F.O.B at the Santa Monica Airport. They soon formulated a plan to completely halt the aliens' rapid assault. It was referred to as the Bomb Drop, in which at exactly 1930 Hours, the USAF would deploy B-52s and A-10s (Warthogs) to completely bombard and pound the entire area from Lincoln Boulevard to the coastline. In preparation to this counteroffensive, all civilians would have to be evacuated, in order to reduce the loss of life. This was the USMCs and the U.S National Guards job to do.

Evacuating CivliansEdit

Now that a plan of counterattacking was established, the USMC and the U.S National Guard had to evacuate all civilians from the area. As Defensive Lines and Foward Operating Bases were set up and forces were trying to repel the advancing enemy alien force, air casevacs and ground casevacs were rapidly trying to evacuate civilians; some civilians were even stranded behind enemy lines. In addition, news broadcasts that were still broadcasting said that any civilians that were still stranded should immediately move to a military Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Change of PlansEdit

The planned air force strike never happened, however, after a brutal attack on the FOB took place and aliens nearly destroyed the place. This was unknown to anyone until Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and his platoon took the civilians they had rescued to the FOB and discovered that it had been destroyed and that, unfortunately, there was not one survivor. The platoon would then have to take matters into their own hands, and went on to drive out the majority of aliens in Los Angeles.

Known Aircraft Used in the Bomb DropEdit

  1. A-10 Thunderbolt II/Warthog
  2. B-52 Stratofortress