Concept art for the Central Hive.

The Central Hive is a large structure that serves the field headquarters for a beach head. The Hives are deployed with each landing force and are buried in the ground once alien soldiers have secured sizable area.

The Hives are more like mobile structures than actual vehicles. While they do have a means of lift, their propulsion is only enough to get them air-born; they must be towed from one location to another by drones. If the hive is targeted, it can use its drones as ablative armor, sacrificing them to protect itself.

The Central Hive also serves as a small airfield, as its main role is to serve as the field headquarters for a beach head and a coastal landing invasion. At the very top of the aircraft is where the communications relay is; though the aerial drones are autonomous, their orders are relayed through these towers. The connection needs to stay intact in order for all of the drones to function. The Central Hive in Los Angeles was destroyed by Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and his platoon of soldiers.
Battle Los Angeles Poster

The theatrical poster for Battle: Los Angeles shows Michael Nantz watching the Central Hive in Los Angeles slowly collapse as his forces defeat it and drive back the alien forces.