Corporal Duane G. Lockett is the brother of Jason Lockett. He was a good friend of Michael Nantz and died under Nantz's command years prior to the Battle of Los Angeles. He was known to be very close with his brother Jason, because Jason continued to mourn his death years later and never recovered. Jason would later continue to speak to Duane's grave as if he were there. Duane's death later caused Nantz's platoon to lose faith in him during the Battle of Los Angeles (in addition to the death of Joe Rincon), faith that was later regained and helped the platoon to fight the extraterrestrial invaders. Duane was mentioned in the film but never directly seen (although his grave was shown at the beginning of the film). His last name would have originally been Correggio, being that this was his brother's original last name (according to the script for the film).