Echo Company was one of several companies that were part of and made up of the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Marines. Its commanding officer was Captain John Roy. The Company took part in the Battle of Los Angeles, and one of its platoons, which included Lieutenant William Martinez and Staff Seargent Nantz made a significant difference in the war and turned the tide for the Human race in their fight against the Blaa


During the Worldwide Invasion of Earth, Echo Company was stationed at Camp Pendelton, and was ordered to help with the evacuation when the meteors began to fall off of the coastline of L.A. However, when an unidentified alien enemy reached the coastline and began to attack, they, and many, many other units, joined up to fight against the new enemy threat.

Notable PlatoonsEdit

  1. 1st Platoon

Notable MembersEdit

  1. Captain John Roy
  2. Staff Seargent Michael Nantz
  3. Lieutenant William Martinez