Hector Rincon
Title None
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction None
Status Alive
Portrayed by Bryce Cass

Hector Rincon was the son of Joe Rincon and one of the five civilians rescued by Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz. He was portrayed by Bryce Cass

Early Life and Beginning of BattleEdit

Not much is known about Hector's early life, but he was the son of Joe Rincon. It is unknown if his mother was deceased or just not present at the time of the Battle of Los Angeles. Hector was 10 at the time of the Battle of Los Angeles (it is unknown what his exact age was, though).

At the beginning of the battle, Joe took Hector and hid in a LAPD police station with a woman named Michele and her two nieces, Kristen and Amy. When they feared the worst, Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez showed up with their platoon of Marines and rescued the civilians. Their mission was almost complete, but they had to evacuate the civilians from the police station within a three-hour-time limit (it was now less than three hours) before the United States Air Force would show up to bomb the city in an effort to kill the extraterrestrial invaders. Nantz and Michele, prior to the evacuation, dissected a wounded alien and discovered its weaknesses (it had a weakness in the torso) and that the aliens were monitoring the Marines' military tactics through their radio communications.

Evacuation and Death of a HeroEdit

Nantz led the platoon and the civilians out of the police station. The platoon took command of a bus and drove away in it with the civilians in an effort to escape. They were attacked on a freeway, however, by many alien air units. When one of the Marines' (whose name was Adukuwu) lives was threatened, Joe fired on one of the aliens to defend Aduwuku. The extraterrestrials were enraged and fired on him, fatally wounding him.

The platoon suffered several casualties during this attack but escaped and hid in a convenience store. There, Michele tended to Joe's wounds (she was experienced in this because she was a veterinarian). When the group hid, fearing that it was too late and that they were all about to die from the bombing, nothing happened. (They discovered why later when they found out that the FOB was attacked.) A few moments later, much to the dismay of Hector, Joe died. Nantz hugged Hector and told him it was okay, but he had to be strong. He also told him that he was the bravest Marine he had ever seen. They all ended up leaving in an assault vehicle. Nantz and the Marines went on, leaving Michele to take care of Amy, Kirsten, and Hector. They all left the vehicle unharmed. It is unknown who cared for Hector after the death of his father.