"An unprecedented meteor shower has fallen of the coast of Tokyo. The entire city is mesmerized by the amount of meteors falling into the ocean. Our initial assumptions were wrong. An unidentified enemy has reached our coastline in a swift and militaristic attack. Right now one thing is clear: The World is at war."

-Unknown CNN News Reporter

The Invasion of Earth was a massive attack on Earth for its resources, mostly liquid water by aliens. The invasion began August 11, 2011. The aliens that led the attack were incredibly intelligent and used Earth's liquid water as fuel for their aircraft. The attacks were mainly against major cities across the globe.

Los Angeles, which was the first city to discover the aliens' weaknesses and tactics and was able to wipe out a good percentage of the invaders. Their success was due to Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and his platoon, along with a group of civilians they rescued.

Important battlesEdit

The aliens concentrated their attacks on important and highly populated cities, including:

Known victimsEdit

Through the course of the invasion, many humans were killed. Among them are: