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1st Sergeant John Roy was a Marine in the United States Marine Corps. He served with Staff Sergeant Nantz in Afghanistan during the War on Terrorism, and during the Worldwide Invasion of Earth. John was a Captain, and was in command of Echo Company of the 2nd Battalion. He was good friends with Staff Seargent Nantz.


A MeetingEdit

In the last day before the Worldwide Invasion of Earth, Staff Seargent Nantz had realized that he was burned out, and had to retire from the Corps. He came to his friend, Captain John Roy. After the morning excercise, he went to his office at Camp Pendelton, where he helped him with the forms for retirement. They talked about their previous tours in Afghanistan, and what had happened, as well as the actual realization that Nantz was finally retiring. Roy then followed with writing up the retirement form and organizing the papers, and handed them to Nantz. With this, Nantz left the office and Camp Pendelton. He was not seen again until the end of the film when he rescued the remaining Marines in Nantz's platoon and took them to the rendevous point in the Mojave Desert.

Notable FactsEdit

  • He was a Captain in the USMC.
  • He served in Afghanistan during the War on Terrorism.
  • He served in Los Angeles during the Worldwide Invasion of Earth.
  • He was good friends with Michael Nantz.