Taryn Southern

Taryn Southern portrays the CNN news reporter, Kate.

Kate was a reporter working for CNN in 2011. She had been a local reporter from Los Angeles and had been sending coverage to the news anchors back at the news studio on what was going on during the Battle of Los Angeles and Invasion of Earth. Kate had been reporting at a nearby beach, most likely the same one that Michael Nantz was seen working out at during the beginning of the film. Kate had witnessed extraterrestrial spacecraft and weaponry attacking the nearby beach and, terrified, had left the beach. The aliens were most likely there in order to take the water there, which they had been using as fuel for their aircraft. After the cameraman that was at the beach with her had lost a signal and a huge explosion (caused by the crash of an alien aircraft) happened, sending tourists, civilians, reporters, and everyone else running for their lives. Kate had been bringing coverage to CNN throughout most of the movie and had hinted at the possibility of an alien invasion for Earth's resources. This was helpful for Michael Nantz, Elena Santos, and the remainder of the platoon Nantz had taken control of in order to save civilians and defeat the invading aliens. It is unknown if Kate had survived the invasion after the explosion took place and she could no longer give coverage to CNN. She was portrayed by Taryn Southern