Title None
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction None
Status Alive
Portrayed by Joey King

Kirsten is the niece of Michele and one of the five civilians rescued during the Battle of Los Angeles. She was also the younger sister of Amy, who was Michele's other niece. Her mother was away at the time of the Invasion of Earth and had left Kirsten and Amy with Michele. Kirsten was 8 years old at the time of the Battle of Los Angeles. She was rescued by Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz during the invasion and was nearly evacuated from the abandoned LAPD police station in which she was hiding with Amy, Michele, Joe Rincon, and Hector Rincon (who was most likely friends with Amy and Kirsten, as they were near the same age), but the helicopter that was supposed to evacuate the civilians exploded while taking injured Marines instead. Kirsten then went with Nantz's platoon and the civilians and ended up escaping the battle with Michele, Hector, and Amy (Joe had died earlier in the battle) after the Marines took them to the FOB and left them in an aircraft they had escaped in to take on the remaining aliens and defeat them, which they did. Kirsten may have been interested in art, being that at one point in the movie she is seen drawing with colored pencils. Kirsten was portrayed by Joey King.