This is the relationship and possible romantic pairing of Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and the civilian Michele. The film's script has hinted at the possible romantic pairing of the two, and has stated that the two shared a few moments together.

Michael NantzEdit

Michael Nantz is a kind-hearted and brave Marine who is (along with the rest of his platoon) assigned the mission of rescuing a group of civilians from a LAPD police station during the Battle of Los Angeles before a Bomb Drop would take place to wipe out dangerous extraterrestrial forces.


Michele is a civilian who was rescued by Michael Nantz during the Battle of Los Angeles. She had a sister and two nieces, Kirsten and Amy. She is also a veterinarian and ends up being very useful to the Marines who rescue her.


Michael Nantz and Michele met during the Battle of Los Angeles after Nantz and his platoon were assigned the mission of rescuing a group of civilians, including Michele. Upon finding the civilians trapped, scared, and alone, Nantz had instantly looked at Michele and saw something in her. The two had introduced themselves to one another, and Michele (who was a veterinarian) helped Nantz to dissect a wounded alien to figure out the creatures' minds and attempt to possibly defeat them.

Nantz and Michele had not really talked throughout much of the film after their first meeting, but the romantic feelings were still there. Both Nantz and Michele were single at the time, although there was a massive age difference. Although the civilians suffered several casualties, including that of a civilian known as Joe Rincon, Nantz had managed to save Michele, her two nieces, and Joe's son, Hector. Michele had made it out of the battle alive, and a possible sequel may take us further into the relationship and romantic feelings shared by the two.