Richard Guerrero was a Lance Corporal in the USMC and serving under Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz during the Invasion of Earth. He fought in the Battle of Los Angeles against extraterrestrial invaders who invaded Earth for its resources. Guerrero was portrayed by Neil Brown Jr.


Not much is known about Guerrero other then he is a Lance Corporal, uses the M249 SAW as a weapon, is creating a mixed tape with fellow trooper Steven Mottola, and that he likes to joke around. On August 11, 2011, he and his platoon were called up to defend Los Angeles from invading aliens. He and his platoon were to get to a police station and rescue civilians hiding there. On their way to the police station, they were ambushed on a street in the suburbs and had to retreat to a backyard of a house. When they got to the backyard, they were ambushed again, and during the ambush, Guerrero was hit in the head. Guerrero's helmet saved him from the round hitting his head, but the round managed to burn part of his head and face. When Shaun Lenihan went missing, apparently Guerrero made a $5 bet with Jason Lockett that Lenihan won't die till he has sex. Eventually the platoon made it to the police station and Guerrero waited outside for extraction. When the chopper arrived, Guerrero and any other wounded troops boarded the chopper, and while in the air, they were unfortunately shot out of the sky by an alien wedge ship .


Guerrero falling down after being hit in the head.