Scott Grayston was a Corporal serving under Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz during the Invasion of Earth. He fought in the Battle of Los Angeles against extraterrestrial invaders who invaded Earth for its resources. Grayston was portrayed by Lucas Till.


Not much is known about Grayston other that he is a Corporal, but according to 2nd Lt William Martinez, he, along withCorporal Lee Imlay, are both good marksmen and strong fireteam leaders. On August 11, 2011, he and his platoon were called up to defend Los Angeles from invading aliens. Their mission was to rescue five civilians who were trapped in an LAPD police station. On their way to the police station, their platoon was ambushed in the suburbs of Los Angeles by the aliens. They were forced to retreat to a backyard were they were heavily ambushed. During the ambushed, Grayston's right arm was shot by an alien and he was almost dragged away by an alien until Michael Nantz saved him. After the ambush, the platoon made it to the police station were Grayston waited outside for extraction. When the chopper arrived, Grayston and other wounded teammates boarded the chopper and while they were in the air, he and the others aboard the chopper were shot out of the sky by an alien wedge ship.


Grayston being dragged away after being wounded