Steven "Motorola" Mottola was a Lance Corporal serving under Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz during the Invasion of Earth. He fought in the Battle of Los Angeles against extraterrestrial invaders who invaded Earth for its resources. Mottola was portrayed by James Hiroyuki Liao.


Early Life and the Beginning of the EndEdit

Not much is known about Mottola other then that he owns a truck, he is a radioman for the platoon, and he is creating a mix with fellow soldier Richard Guerrero . He and his platoon were called up on August 11, 2011, to defend Los Angeles from invading aliens. His platoon's mission was to rescue civilians at a police station. While they headed to the police station, he and his platoon were ambushed till they arrived at the station. While their he kept Lt William Martinez and SSgt Nantz updated with orders from command and witnessed the arrival of the wedge ships as one blew up a chopper carrying their wounded.

Fight For Survival Edit

After he and his platoon boarded a bus, he radioed command with the intent of warning them of more wedge ship arrivals and thats when the platoon discovered that the aliens knew the frequencies on their radios. While on the freeway they came under attack and Mottola was ordered to cover the civilians while they rappled off the freeway and provide any covering fire against the aliens. The battle was going well for the platoon until an alien walker gun arrived and started causing destruction and casualties to the platoon. During the fight, while the platoon was falling back, an alien trooper shot Mottola in his chest (possibly in the heart), killing him. Regardless, Joseph Rincon pulled Mottola toward Corpsman Jibril Adukwu for him to see if he can still save Mottola, although it obviously proved inaffective, as he had died almost instantly,