This language is a way of communicating used by the unknown alien species that invaded Earth. It could not be comprehended by the human race, who knew nothing of the fact that extraterrestrials even existed. The language was a series of consistent chirpings and taps made by the strange creatures, something similar to that of a hive insect. Visualizations of high frequency transmissions recovered from an unknown scientific facility's Lingual Diagnostics Department indicate an advanced network of communication and that the aliens' speech is highly intelligent.


It is unknown if this chirping was ever a means of attracting a mate, because it is unknown if the aliens had specific sexes. The language is, however, used by the aliens to communicate between one another, much like that of a human language.

Important InformationEdit

The Lingual Diagnostics Department from unknown scientific facilities uncovered some information on the aliens' strange language. Some of the text able to be deciphered from the files is as followed:

Much of the linguistic research that has been undertaken on this population of unknown ___________** there is no account for the alarming rate of _________________________________ between and among spec_________________________________________

A number of unauthorized field recordings gathered from _________________________________________ __________________________________________________ the intelligence level of the _________________ relating to each other and the surrounding environment.

____________________ speculations of tele_____________________ in an advanced communications framework that ________________________________________________________________.

(NOTE: ** indicates that the information was classified and therefore could not be given out.)

Sound PatternsEdit

The same file above also showed some of the strange patterns that had been recorded during the unauthorized field recording in which much of the information on the aliens' language was gathered. Below is a list of sound patterns based on the recording:

Fig. 1: 24, 62, 21, 25, 22, 20

Fig. 2: 28, 63, 27, 25, 21, 27

Telepathic TransmissionEdit

An analysis of neural activity suggest they are adept at retrocognitive, precognitive, and intuitive telepathy. It is unknown whether or not they extend this telepathy to humans.