W.A.T.C.H TV is a television news network that is responsible for giving countries all throughout Earth

The logo for the Worldwide Assessment of Threats Concerning Humankind.

information on the worldwide Invasion of Earth. It was evidently a worldwide television network and was available in most countries. It was also the television network that was associated with the Worldwide Assessment of Threats Concerning Humankind (W.A.T.C.H). The network had several different reporters reporting, but it's best known reporter was Arlen Wilson, who reported to countries including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Oddly enough, it was one of the few television news networks that managed to not lose reception throughout the course of the invasion, and had (by far) gained the most information.

Known ReportersEdit

Worldwide News BroadcastsEdit

These news broadcasts are official WATCH TV broadcasts filmed around the world throughout the course of the invasion that give information on the status of the invasion and information on its alien antagonists. Please note that most of these are not in English.


thumb|right|200px|United States.

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