The Wedge Ship is a type of alien aircraft used during the Invasion of Earth, entirely reliant on a centralized command and control center to function.

Michael Nantz running from the powerful Wedge Ship.

The Wedge Ships are highly maneuverable, using pulse jet engines to make adjustments, as well as multiple exhaust engines. These exhaust engines vary in size and most of them are located at the back of the Wedge Ship. They are equally capable of reaching speeds of mach 7 or patrolling meters from the ground for enemies.

8 Wedge Ships are able to go into a saucer formation for greater protection and better firepower. They are all capable of dismantling as well as forming together in a matter of seconds. The wedge ships use ELINT (ELectronic INTelligence) to detect enemy communications and home in on the source.

The Wedge Ship weaponry consists of a high-powered Directed-Energy Weapon. It appears to either be plasma of some sort, or white phosphorus. The DEW can be used to combine firepower with other wedge ships when they are formed into a saucer in order to maximize damage. At the back of the Wedge Ship are four antenna extension clusters that are used for ELINT. When a Wedge Ship goes to work (as soon as it detects the radio signal), the antenna clusters all perk up and stay up as it hones in on the radio signal's source. Wedge Ships also have a low-intensity spot-light mounted on the front of the craft

Their combat potency, however, only gives ground troops and helicopters a hard time. While in the background of the scene when two Marines are scouting on the roof of the building where they dissected an alien, Wedge Ships are seen in air-to-air combat, but they really are not that effective against the USMC F/A-18's Hornets , as no Hornets were shot down, and a squadron of 3 or 4 attacked a couple saucer formations and destroyed two Wedge Ships, and when one of these alien aircraft try to detach from the formation, another F/A-18 passes by and destroys another Wedge Ship with a Sidewinder missile.

The scene of the aliens getting decimated by US aircraft gave one of SSgt Michael Nantz's Marines hope, as he said: "Those are our jets; we're still in the fight."